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 On the Huangshan Mountain 在黄山 441.What a breathtaking sight! 多么神奇的景色啊! 442.On your right is Tiandu Feng,one of the three main peaks of Huangshan and also the steepest. 在你们的右边是黄山三大主峰之一的天都峰,也是最陡的一座山峰。 443.It is 1,810 meters high. 它的高度是1,810米。 444.On the way up,you can see a cliff called Jiyu Bei. 往上去,你们会看到一道被称作“鲫鱼背”的悬崖。 445.He said the cliff was called Jiyu Bei,which means Carp's Backbone. 他说那座悬崖叫作“鲫鱼背”,意思就是鲫鱼的脊背。 446.On your left is Lianhua Feng,or the Lotus Flower Peak,at a height of 1,860 meters. 在你们的左边是莲花峰,高度是1,860米。 447.It is the highest peak of Huangshan. 它是黄山的最高峰。 448.At its summit is a rock only about six meters across. 峰顶是一块仅仅6米见方的岩石。 449.Famous pine tree such as the“Flying Dragon” and the“Twin Dragons”are found there. 在莲花峰,还能看到一些名闻遐迩的松树,如“飞龙松”和“双龙松”。 450.That sounds very exciting. 听起来真带劲! 451.Shall we climb up the highest peak first, Sam? 萨姆,我们先去登最高峰好吗? 452.Please return here by 10∶30, will you? 请您在10点半之前回到这儿,好吗? Walking on Fifth Avenue 在第五大街上散步 453.Isn't it wonderful to take a walk here? 在这儿散步真是好极了,是不是? 454.I mean one can look at all these magnificent tall buildings around him. 我意思是说可以看看周围那些宏伟的高楼大厦。 455.Don't you think it's a bit suffocating to stand under them? 你不觉得站在高楼大厦下面使人窒息吗? 456.Look at that building across the street from us. 你看看我们对面街上的那幢高楼。 457.That's the Empire State. 那是帝国大厦。 458.It stands at 102 stories high. 有102层高。 459.You're right and it's no longer the tallest building in New York now. 你说得对。它现在也不再是纽约最高的大厦了。 460.What other important buildings are we going to see on Fifth Avenue? 在第五大街上我们还会看到其他什么重要建筑? 461.Actually every skyscraper has a history. 其实每幢摩天大楼都有一段历史。 462.A few blocks ahead we'll see St.Patrick's Cathedral at E 50th Street.And just across the street will be the world-renowned Rockefeller Center. 再过几条街,在东五十街口,我们就会看到圣帕特里克大教堂。对面大街就是举世闻名的洛克斐勒中心。 463.It's a landmark in the history of architecture. 它是建筑史上的一个里程碑。 464.What's there after that? 过了洛克菲勒中心还有什么? 465.We'll then be standing at where the Central Park begins. 那我们就到中央公园了。 466.Facing the park on Fifth Avenue are probably the most expensive apartments in the world. 第五大街上那些面对公园的公寓厅可能是世界上最昂贵的公寓了。 467.But what are all these skyscrapers for? 这些摩天大楼都是作什么用的呢? 468.New York is a financial center of the world,isn't it? 纽约是世界金融中心,对不对? At Trafalgar Square in London 伦敦特拉法加广场 469. It's interesting that as a financial center London looks so different from New York. 真有趣,伦敦作为金融中心看起来和纽约大不一样。 470. By the way,what do you think has impressed you most in London? 顺便问问,伦敦给你最深的印象是什么? 471.There are so many things that have left a deep impression on me. 许多东西都给我留下了深刻的印象。 472.There is one thing worth mentioning at least. 至少有一件事值得一提。 473. Although the buildings here seem old-fashioned,they have a peculiar flavor of their own. 虽然伦敦的建筑物看上去都是老式的,但它们独具风格。 474. Look at the nameplate on the wall of the corner building. 瞧拐角那幢楼墙上的路牌。 475. We are getting near to Trafalgar Square now. 我们马上就要到特拉法加广场了。 476. It's a busy road junction with Nelson's statue. 这是一个热闹的交叉路口,有尊纳尔逊的纪念铜像。 477. He's the admiral that defeated Napoleon. 他就是打败拿破仑的那位海军将军。 478. Can you mention a few so that we can decide where to go this morning? 你能否举出几个景点我们好决定上午到哪儿去? 479. It's not far from here to the Thames. 这儿离泰晤士河不远。 480. If you like,we can take a walk on the embankment. 如果你乐意,我们可以在堤岸上散步。 481. What if we go to see Buckingham Palace first? 我们先去看看白金汉宫怎么样? 482. We can walk down the Mall which is wide and clean with quite a number of beautiful statues. 我们可以从林荫大道走下去。这条路又宽阔,又干净,还有几尊美丽的铜像。 483. It's so pleasant to have a walk there. 在那儿漫步真令人心旷神怡。 484. I can see you're enjoying your trip today. 看得出来,今天你玩得很开心。 485. Everything's so striking and fascinating. 一切都是那么新鲜,令人神往。 The Washington Monument and West Point 华盛顿纪念塔与西点西校 486. Now we are at the Washington Monument. 现在我们到了华盛顿纪念塔。 487. What a magnificent sight it is! 这塔多么壮观啊。 488. Can you give us some information about it,Mr White? 您能为我们介绍一下吗,怀特先生? 489. With pleasure. 当然乐意。 490.The Washington Monument was started in 1848. 华盛顿纪念塔于1848年开始建造。 491. After many difficulties and delays,the building was completed in 1885,and opened to the public in 1888. 经历了种种困难和延期之后,这座建筑于1885年竣工,并于1888年对外开放。 492. So it took many years to build the monument. 这么说这座塔花了许多时间才建成。 493. How high is it? 它有多高啊? 494.The height of the monument is 555 feet. 这座塔的地面高度为555英尺。 495.The top can be reached by elevator or by iron stairway. 到塔顶可以乘电梯或走铁梯。 496. I felt the elevator flying in the air. 我觉得这电梯好像在空中飞。 497.The elevator makes the ascent only in 70 seconds. 这电梯升这么高只要70秒。 498. Now you can have a bird-eye view of the capital from here. 现在你们可以从这里鸟瞰首都的景色。 499. We're heading for West Point. 我们正往西点军校方向开去。 500. You'll get a very clear view of the fortress on top of the hill. 上了山顶你就会清楚地看到那里的炮台的全景。


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